Yacht care & maintenance in Mallorca for owners overseas

Yacht care & maintenance in Mallorca for owners overseas 2592 1944 Yacht Management Mallorca

Essential works are underway in Palma preparing for when the owners can travel


  • Guardianage services are cost-effective & protect your investment
  • Travel restrictions shouldn’t affect your yacht care & boat maintenance

This week Mallorca will start to welcome German visitors.  As the island starts to open up owners are waiting for when they can enjoy their vessels moored in Mallorca.   The health crisis in Europe means that many yacht and boat owners have been unable to visit the island due to travel restrictions.   As owners know, it’s essential that their boat or yacht is professionally looked after.  Their vessel must be inspected and cleaned regularly, with engines checked and started.  Necessary repairs can be undertaken whilst the boat cannot be used.  So that when the owner arrives, the vessel is in good shape.

An economical option…

The professional guardianage option for owners is more cost-effective than employing crew.  It also makes common sense to look after your investment and to provide peace of mind that it’s in good hands.  Owners can rest assured that their yacht or boat is checked for any damage and is regularly inspected whatever the weather.

Experienced marine expert

Paul Clough of Yacht Management Mallorca is an experienced marine expert.  He has been established in the centre of Palma’s Nautical Industry for over 27 years.  Paul offers a full guardianage service and has the local know-how to tackle any work/yacht care or maintenance required.   He has many years of experience of looking after a wide range of yachts and motorboats.

Tried & tested team of craftsmen

Paul is supported by a tried and tested team of engineers, craftsmen, carpenters and cleaners.  This means that he can prepare a vessel for owners to use when they can travel.  To just board and go.

Any vessel just sitting on its mooring in Palma, or at any one of the other 47 marinas around Mallorca, must be cared for.  It must be maintained to ensure it is ready for use when the owner is able to travel again.

Call Paul Clough for advice and a quote: + 34 626 166 927